About Sustainable Brussels

Sustainable Brussels is your guide to the green face of the Belgian capital. We connect locals, expats and travellers with the heroes of the urban sustainability scene. Check out our map to discover zero-waste shops, vegan restos, urban farms, and other cool green places. Let one of our tours inspire you to turn your own talents in a motor for positive change, while exploring Brussels in a new and fun way.  

Meet The Team

Passionate about their city and building a better future for it, our team works hard to show you Brussels' best spots related to sustainability. Our Explorers are always on the hunt for new places, critically separating the real, genuine places from the greenwashed. The places we like make their way to our Map, the ones we love to our Tour.

Elias De Keyser

co-founder & guide

Adrian Toth

head of exploration

Our Values

Discovery & Exploration

We help people explore the city in a new way, be it digitally or physically, and discover the sustainable side of the city.


We inspire people to use their talents to make a change, by showing the impact of the just-do-it mentality of the entrepreneurs we visit. 


We give exposure to grass-roots sustainable initiatives in the city and support them with our tours.


We are a non-profit citizens collective under Open Collective Brussels ASBL. Our bookkeeping is fully transparent and publicly available at the Open Collective platform


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